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A Little About Us

We are Lion Heart Studios, a creative agency specializing in producing compelling video and social campaigns that inspire action.

Video is now a crucial part of most marketing plans, with a staggering 87% of digital marketers writing this into their plans. So, if original content is now crucial to organic social media success, how can your business continually create engaging content?

Our Value

Many of our clients come to us with this question and there is always something to share. Testimonial (or talking-head) videos can be done by any company and can give users an insight into the people behind the company, but to stand out and be engaging, they need a creative edge to not become stale and to steer away for conventional ‘seen before’ material.

How you tell your story, and on what medium has become the single most important tool for any company looking to grow market share and brand recognition.

Our Approach

  • Creating high-quality videos for either TV or social media can take a lot more effort than you may be expecting. If you’ve never been on the other side of a camera the process could become overwhelming.
  • A professional videographer brings their experiences to the table which can be invaluable in the creation of video worth sharing with the public.

Pre-Production - Fail to plan, plan to fail.


Before you ever pick up a video camera it is important to have a plan. Creating a video takes a lot of prep work that you may not have considered yet.

Process Management

Not only do you need to create a script, but it’s also helpful to storyboard out the script to know what shots you’re aiming for. Once you’ve determined a shot list, you can start getting ready to shoot.

Project Mapping

Having a guideline for the project from the prep work is essential to creating quality footage. Otherwise, you won’t know which angles you want and need for your finished project to look like how you’ve envisioned it. Taking the time in preproduction can help the post-production process be less of a headache, so it is well worth the time!

download-5 (1).png
download-5 (1).png

How you tell your story, and on what meduim has become the single most important tool for any company looking to gro market share and brand recognition.

C. Verso - Founder

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